Doris sculptress

I am an artist of small movements and of the time in between the cut off points of everyday life. Still, I would like to make space for the dreams in the world, my community and even in the simplicity of the ordinary. Art is a good tool for doing this.

Something like a statement:
There are many languages depending on what channel we use; body, feelings, spirit, dreams… All these are projections of who we are in just one second of eternity. That’s why I try to turn this second into eternity.
With no mind and no time we are just perfect puzzles in the process of living.
And the only reason we should use our mind is to think about love and art.

“Outlet dialogue”,” Self-sufficient”, “Isolation”, “Identities”…are themes I worked with.
These are simply installations with character of sculptural symphony. To establish the idea of wholeness I create a room field with many objects in different proportions that relate to our body.

The material I mostly work with is stone, nature’s power and metaphor in it self.

In my work “Identities” I use the marble-radiator as a synonym for the human body. A short movie completes the installation. “I do have a history!” is the subject.
I made it into a personal and subjective tale, choosing intimate spheres of my life and my relations to be the story; that is contradictory to idea of history as a disciplinary sphere.

I believe that everything is there from the beginning, both sculpture and thought; it is a matter of the moment we choose to catch and this last little intention to reach out. This transforming process is always in the hands of faith. It‘s of grate interest to me to be part of this transformation and in the same time be the one who looks at it.


Doris Bengtsson